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"Came in from out of town and got a great haircut! Kelsi hooked me up for the wedding I’m attending this afternoon. She’s the best! Thanks!"

~Avery M


"I could not be happier w my haircut. I told Kelsi exactly what I wanted; got it and love it! I would recommend her to anyone."

~Heather B


"A magician! I came in with a ratty, nasty mop of hair and left feeling transformed and rejuvenates. I had pictures of what I wanted on my phone but it died right before I made in into the chair. So I vaguely described what I wanted and we found a color that would work well with my skin. She 100% nailed it. The cut is EXACTLY what the picture on my phone looked like and the color is perfect! Kelsi used top notch products and took time to style my new do just right! She gave me samples to try and let me know I could pop in and pick them up another time instead of pressuring me to buy anything. Kelsi is super personable and really made me feel comfortable. I relaxed with a glass of wine and magazines while my color processed! I just found my new favorite stylist!"

~Amber B


Kelsi always gives me exactly what I am looking for. Her coloring services are fabulous and even 4-5 weeks after my appointments, people are asking if I just got my hair done.  

~Nicole E


I hadn’t cut or colored my hair in almost a year so she had her work cut out for her! Although we weren’t able to do the color I wanted because of the damage of my hair, we were able to correct pervious ad coloring and next time I can do balayage! Kelsi was patient, informative and truly made me feel valued as a customer.

~Megan H


Wow! Great job Kelsi, Thank you! I really enjoyed my appointment and the communication was great! Thanks, looking forward to future visits

~Walter T


Absolutely wonderful!!!!! Kelsi took a lot of time asking me about my hair, how I wanted it cut, problem areas. Gave me great education about hair products. Excellent haircut! Thank you so much!

~Brenda H


I came to Kelsi less than a week after an awful haircut! She is amazing. She listened, had great suggestions and did an amazing job working with a not great short hair situation. My wife was shocked to see what Kelsi was able to do with such a bad haircut. I booked my next cut and am thankful I have found my hair stylist!



Kelsi blew out my hair and it is beautiful! I used to manage a salon with girls that specialized in blowout, but she outshined them!

~Rebecca Z


I love my hair so much. The color. The artistic blend of the highlights. Everything. Every morning I wake up, look in the mirror, and thank you.

I just figured it was time you knew.

~Barbara G


Kelsi cuts my unruly hair into a neat and good-looking style that gives me easy care and is professional. Her greatest asset is her sense of style, instinctively knowing what will make me look me best. Come see what kind of difference Kelsi can make with your hair.

~Jeff U


I think we all agree that the key to a great hairstyle is a great haircut. Hair should hold its shape from the moment you walk out of a salon until the next cut. My hair has a mind of its own, and Kelsi is the rare stylist who does not try to mold my hair into a complicated and unsuitable design to suit herself. She works with my hair, not against it. Early on, we had a discussion about my need to eliminate harmful ingredients in hair products. She really listened, did her research, and found a whole line of products to satisfy me; leaving my hair soft, shiny and healthy. Her level of professionalism and expertise will keep me a loyal client forever. Thanks, Kelsi!

~Connie U


I’ve been getting my eyebrows waxed by Kelsi for over five years now and love it. She is very careful with applying the wax and ever so gentle in removing it. But above and beyond her service, Kelsi is great company and fun to talk to, making the over-all experience that much more enjoyable. Thank you, Kelsi!

~Christopher G


Kelsi is amazing with color. I am a natural redhead but as I have gotten older, my hair has gotten darker. Kelsi weaves multiple hues of reds, blondes, browns and whatever else we discuss so that my hair id back to nearly its natural color! Even my mother comments on how fantastic my hair looks now. The other strength Kelsi has is that she is able to make fantastic recommendations on haircut options that will flatter a person. I am very conservative when it comes to changing my hairstyle. However, whenever I take the risk & make a change Kelsi suggests, my hair always looks incredible.

~Ali P


Somebody once told me this saying, “There is no second chance at a first impression.” Kelsi has saved my hair from being permanently damaged from another hairstylist that in my judgment should not have been one. I have been going to Kelsi for over eight years now and I have not found anybody better than her. If I had the money I would pay her to do my hair for me every week!

~Helena M


I found Kelsi shortly after moving to Portland years ago and stayed with her during the more than seven years I lived there, even as she grew her career and changed locations a few times. At the time, I was relaxing my naturally curly hair and wearing it straight. I found in Kelsi the queen of the blowout. She made my hair look smooth, silky, and shiny every single time. No one had ever styled it straight so well before or since. She also did my cuts and my relaxers and gave me the perfect caramel highlights I’d been coveting. Another win! While I no longer live in Portland, when I’m back in town and need a blowout, I am back in Kelsi’s chair!

I had a nickname for Kelsi – the Minister of Hair – and she deserves the title.

~Karla H


I started going to Kelsi over ten years ago and honestly wouldn’t trust me hair to anyone else! I like to change up my style often and she has always been able to get me what I want. I’ve gone from brunette to blonde and just about every shade in-between, including red and purple! I’ve always had long hair, but decided to cut it all off a few years ago and ran the idea by her. Kelsi was able to tell me what would and would not work for my hair type and growth patterns. I was extremely pleased with the results and received so many compliments! I’ve since grown out my hair and Kelsi was able to help me transition from super short to now super long without overly awkward grow-out phases. I am confident in Kelsi’s abilities and would never hesitate to ask her to try something new on my hair.

~Jaclyn S


I had my first CHI Enviro Treatment done by Kelsi after my stylist had it done on her hair and in turn recommended it to me. I just had my second Enviro and “WOW” is what I have to say! My hair is getting so many complements!


I had previously done the Brazilian Blowout Treatment which had a much higher price tag for both the treatment and the products. The CHI Enviro is as good, if not better than the Brazilian Blowout and does not burn my eyes.


Kelsi is very knowledgeable and well trained on the Enviro and was thorough throughout the entire process. My hair is healthier that it’s ever been. I have much less shedding. The time it takes to blow dry and flat iron has been dramatically decreased……I love, love, LOVE it! It’s not poker straight and still has enough wave that if I choose to let it air dry, it is fine. 


I highly recommend the CHI Enviro Treatment and will most definitely do it again.

~Kelly D



Kelsi M Hair 

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