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While we are on the longest two-weeks turned into nearly a year of a global pandemic, I want you to know I am doing everything in my powers and practices to keep each of you safe and healthy while still wanting to put your best (masked) face forward!


Because there are things required of us to do between each client to be safely open, please feel free to reach out with any concerns or questions you at have. I respect your journey and personal circumstances that may make your visit unique and am more than happy to accommodate, within reason, and advanced notice!

Do NOT come to your appointment if you have been exposed or are experiences any symptoms of illness, COVID, flu, or otherwise. Let me know ASAP you are unwell and I will reschedule as soon as your 14 day mend to health has lapsed!


Call/text before entering! Still no waiting areas allowed so I need to let you know when I’m ready for you to enter


Masks must be worn. Pleased come with ones that wrap behind your ear and stay on your face properly.


No visitors or guests allowed with you


Limit items brought inside


No beverages or magazines are available


If we are doing any facial waxing your mask covers, please bring two masks with you as to not potentially clog your pores with bacteria that may be accumulated on your mask you entered with

COVID Guidelines


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